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Gender Lenses: Pinterest


I recently recreated my myspace account. You can visit it at:



For Jordan’s view, visit the folling link.






The Text:
I am a man of social media. I have had Xanga, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn,
Instagram, and other various blogs, but never thought there could be a social
media network that could be so gender specific. When I first opened my Pinterest
account, I didn’t expect to see an unending feed of crafts and wedding

And at first I didn’t. I was following the posts and accounts of respected media magazines or
individuals, and had several of my own. I saw new ways of making pinhole
cameras, new photographic processes, fonts, and tips for graphic design,
advertising, and marketing. A lot of my Pinterest favorites were unique art and
architecture. One of the best I found was a skyscraper designed to be a
“vertical forest,” for modern developments in environmental arts. I saw hundreds
of mash-up paintings about superheroes in various situations or family movies
made into horror films.

I opened my account in the middle of the spring semester of 2012 as an experiment into a new
social media trend. I thought that my account would be a great way to find and
appreciate new and relatively unknown art and graphic design. It would be
different from other sites because it would act as a sort of visual Twitter,
liking and “retweeting” images that I find particularly educational or
inspirational. Several of my other male social media savvy friends had accounts
(now deleted), so it seemed appropriate that I should as well.

Eventually, it became more and more difficult to find posts that I truly cared about. While I
appreciate the newly identified purpose of Pinterest, I only have one critique.
Where is the man’s social media and should there be one? All I know is that I am
on the verge of closing a social media account for good, which hasn’t truly
happened since I left Myspace.



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