Supplement: Christmas Music Out of Season

While my favorite music and Christmas music tended to be stuff my peers did not listen to, some of my favorite Christmas music to this day are on the wonderful Christmas album: A Very Veggie Christmas. Every year, my family would take a road trip to visit our extended family. At the time, my sister was not born yet, so my two younger brothers and I would pile into our Expedition in our pajamas and sitting in our seats wrapped in sleeping bags. My parents would choose all the music, and typically it was classic rock—except one album. Now, not a Christmas goes by that I do not listen to it.

While visiting home this Christmas after my study abroad to Brazil, I found the CD crammed in a cupboard and had to pull it out. I threw it on into the player, turned out the lights, laid and the couch, and was in ecstasy. My sister comes in and asks what the music is, but not before the rest of my entire family comes in and starts reminiscing. By the time it gets to Junior singing his version of “Away in a Manger” with his mom, my entire family is crying.

The moral of this supplement is: It’s not the food, presents, or even lack of school that gets me excited for Christmas. It’s driving around and looking at Christmas lights with my family in our old Expedition, listening that beat up CD.



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