Aged Pages: What A Cast Of Characters

This is an amazing entry completely reflecting my own thoughts. I hope you enjoy.

A Life Among The Pages

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Sometimes when I visit a bookstore I’m not only visiting for the books on the shelves. There are times when the rewards of a visit are in the customers you find in the store itself. There aren’t very many, and sometimes none at all, when I go into my local shop. But when there is someone or a group of people, it’s always entertaining to keep an eye on them.

Is this stalking? Well, somewhat maybe. But it’s more observing, people watching, taking in the atmosphere rather than stalking. Readers are some of the most interesting people you’ll come across in your life. What better place to find them than in a bookstore. And not one of those stores that only sell new books. I don’t have any interesting stories to share about someone I saw in a Barnes & Noble. For some reason the stories about the people I’ve…

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