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The Glass Child

The Glass Child is a new breakthrough artist touring with Tiger Lilly. After listening to this wonderful, relatively unknown artist, I just want to “Tell the World” that you should give this wonderful Swedish musician a listen.

She was another wonderful Twitter find for me. I was interested to find a band called The Glass Child following me. The name is enchanting; there has always been a fascination with glass in our world.

What I immediately realized is that her name is not another one of those cool and hip sounding band names that have no meaning at all. The Glass Child is a really enlightening label for this emotional and personal songwriting style. I feel like, when I listen to Ms. Charlotte Eriksson, I know everything about her.

What I was truly surprised at was that for a dark singer-songwriter, with obviously deep routed issues, her music did not make me feel like I was listening to another cliché musician. What was also nice was that because her music is darker, there is not just sadness, but also anger, and even hope.

The moral of the story is: I’ll probably end up posting more about her in the future. There is too much to say.


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(p.s. I apologize, this was written very quickly before I left the building after work)



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  1. following you now

    Posted by Jamie Lee's Glass Mall | June 16, 2012, 8:45 am

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