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The History Teachers

When I was in high school, I knew a couple of really hilarious guys. These two were best friends and extremely smart. For a class, they decided it would be cool to create a rap about Abraham Lincoln and went on to make more afterwards.

That was when I first realized that music can help people learn, even if they aren’t a student of music.

There is a song that my brothers and I listened to growing up, called “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”. We loved it. I’m sure that between the three of us, that song was played over a thousand times. It never occurred to me until Seth and Duncan that I could learn from music.

My friends have long drifted apart and stopped writing music; but, what really saddens me is that I have been a music major for 4 years and have not yet written a comedic and historical song. There have been numerous tests that would have been more rewarding, had I simply written a song to study.

Luckily, I recently discovered The History Teachers.

What The History Teachers have done is to make authentic sounding and looking visual aids for study, that can also be listened to for pleasure. Their songs are hilarious, witty, and informative. My favorite to date has been “The Odyssey”, cleverly put to the tune of “Across the Universe” by The Beatles.

This blend of literature, history, and music is very inspiring to me. Hopefully they will keep putting out these wonderful songs to inspire future generations of students to learn. All I know is that, when I have children, I will have them listen to The History Teachers.

The moral of the story is: TO LEARN MORE, VISIT



3 thoughts on “The History Teachers

  1. I hope you haven’t missed their inspiring TEDx talk (in November 2011).
    Here’s the short version, filmed by Mrs. B’s school:

    It is also available in a longer official TEDx version:

    And here’s Mrs. B’s official Edupunk site:

    They have a lot of other interesting websites as well, including a site with lyrics to all their songs.
    (It isn’t ready yet so you’ll have to ask Mrs. B for a preview link).

    Posted by Mikael Engström | July 6, 2012, 2:41 pm
  2. They are on Facebook, too, as “Music for History Lovers”. There is a vast wealth of stuff there, especially if you dig back in time!

    Here is their Facebook Page

    HistoryTeacherz Twitter Feed:!/historyteacherz

    She (Mrs.B) also has a page, STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT, here, that explains her basic philosophy, and curates resources….
    But it is complicated to navigate with tabs, menus, and such. And some font sizes are rather small. Still, lots of material….!home/mainPage

    And she has plans for a page that curates all her and her students’s work! (That may not come for some time, though.)

    She also has songs, with no video, on her soundcloud page! And she can ALSO sing REAL songs, and awesomely.

    And the best part of all? They have more videos coming out at the end of the summer! We await with bated breath.

    Also, Mr. H. [Herb Mahelona], is very talented as a composer / musical director. He is well worth Googling and exploring. To list his stuff, would require a web page on its own! Not just a comment.

    Posted by Pierre Laberge | July 6, 2012, 9:59 pm

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