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TEEPEE (The Band)

Teepee’s first single Time Meant Nothing put my life on pause for a wonderful four minutes. This song begins with a small drone and some humming, pulling me away from my computer screen and into the deep. As Erix S. Laurent’s lyrics entered with, “The deeper, the deeper he digs/ the longer he’ll take to quit/ the younger, the younger he dies/ the longer she will cry,” I felt a ghost of all great things before me walking over my body.

I moved on to watching the video on YouTube and could not have been more impressed with how beautiful their performance was. YouTube went on to suggest another song of theirs entitled Let’s Go All The Way. Again, I was moved. At first, I almost regretted it because it seemed like I had listened to their only good song. I couldn’t let Teepee be another of my one-hit-wonder bands. It was noisier and faster, but eventually moved into a nice noise-rock contrast of its slow deep predecessor.

It truly upsets me that more people do not know about Teepee. The worst part about it is that I almost wouldn’t have known about them if I hadn’t decided to look through all my DMs on Twitter to find something to listen to.

The moral of the story is: come on into the Teepee and see what it’s all about. You won’t regret it.




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