My First Post On Radiohead (There Will Be More)

Radiohead is my favorite band.

Whenever people ask me what music I like, they are the first word that comes out. After I get out that wonderful word, there are so many bands I love, it becomes hard to explain my music taste. 

While they are my favorite band (and always will be), there have been times that I don’t listen to them for a while. I tell people that it’s so that I can enjoy them so much more when I listen to them again. I guess that’s partially true– but mostly I get tired of hearing the same music over and over.

I was in a Radiohead slump until I found out that Radiohead was playing at Bonnaroo. Countless thoughts filled my head. I was angry that I wouldn’t be there to see them. I was frantically trying to find a way that I could possibly go, especially because they are not the only band that I’m in love with playing this year. 

Eventually, I was calmed when I found out that they (and some of my other favorite bands) would be streaming live on YouTube. 

I instantly started Tweeting about it. 

When the show came on, I was complete. They gave the second best concert that I’ve ever seen— second only to when I saw them live in 2008. 

They played every song magnificently and sampled not only from King of Limbs, but most of their albums. The only disappointment was that they did not play No Surprises. 

And I have to say, watching them on YouTube was not bad. It was actually kind of great. I could see up close. I could see different angles. I could see all the visuals. And it was really cool, because the people working the show incorporated effects and transitions that really emphasized the show.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I think you should go experience it for yourself. 




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